Nonlinear optical effects are a light-matter interaction that can be observed when multiple optical fields drive a response in the material under excitation. To determine whether or not an effect is present in alexandrite, a beryl stone doped with chromium ions, literature reviews were conducted and research regarding the theory around the nonlinear multiphoton was performed. Safety measures for the laboratory and previous research using the same laser were also examined. This was taken into account when performing original experiments to measure a potential effect from a laser interaction with alexandrite. After an initial experiment was adjusted to filter out background noise, the secondary experiment provided results that were graphed as Second Harmonic Fluorescence Photovolate as a Function of Relative Input Power and deemed quadratic. The possibility of a nonlinear multiphoton effect being present in alexandrite crystals is discussed.

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Spring 2023


Thomas W. Jarvis

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Physics, Geosciences, and Astronomy

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