This research on women in business, specifically in the United States, takes a deeper look at the changes made from the 1950s to 2023. The primary focus is on the way women in leadership dress, but examined is also the changes in leadership roles for women. The first introduction to women in leadership was in 1919, Madam C.J. Walker. From her bravery to pave a way for women, more women entered leadership roles. It was not until the 1950s, when America started seeing big changes in women in leadership roles in the business world. Nowadays, women have been more accepted in business leadership and the United States has begun seeing an increase in women owned companies as well. With this, it has been discovered that there are different ways men and women lead and that business is ultimately most successful when leadership is mixed-gendered. Although both are needed in leadership, women have not been treated as equals to men in business leadership and this is one of the reasons this research is important. It does not stop at leadership, for women, changes have also been made in the presentation of women in the business world. Women have been instructed to dress to their roles and positions in the hierarchy, but as the strong leaders they are, they have given their all to make changes and present themselves how they want.

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Spring 2023


Dr. Kristen B. Wilson

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