Totalitarian regimes have control of the people they rule. How are they able to be successful in keeping the people under control? Using two dystopian works of literature, George Orwell’s book 1984, Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games trilogy, and totalitarian rulers such as Hitler and Stalin this thesis shows how successful they could be. By first examining 1984 it is shown that the use of the media and the denial of hope or free thought is what makes the government successful. Stalin and Hitler also used the media as a successful tool. This leads into the government of the Hunger Games, which was just as oppressive as that portrayed in 1984. By pitting people against each other and in the arena and using the media tools at hand they are able to rule successfully. However, unlike in 1984, someone is brave enough to step up and form a rebellion against the government in the Hunger Games and ultimately they overcome the totalitarian government. In the end due to hope and the ability to rise up behind a heroine against the government in the Hunger Games, the outcome is much happier than in 1984.

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Spring 2013


Barbara L. Hussey

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English and Theatre

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