This thesis draws on several literary studies to create and propose the idea that fiction can cause genuine attachment for audiences as well as produce strong, emotional reactions. This attachment can be achieved through the use of universal literary elements found in writing. Through the use of literary elements, authors are able to convey stories that allow audiences to grow true attachment towards their worlds, characters, and ideas. In addition, the acknowledgement of these elements is helpful in understanding why readers often feel emotional connections to the fictional stories they consume. Being able to understand these elements is important for both audiences and authors. For audiences, it is important to understand the emotional draw of novels and what elements cause attachment to plot lines and characters. For authors, it helps in creating stories that resonate with audiences through appealing writing. This essay uses three novels spanning different genre types to help identify how these elements are used. This essay also creates an analytical guide to the importance of these elements within writing. The novels - Salt to the Sea, The Secret Garden, and Heartless - are intentionally used as they offer different and contrasting stories, furthering the ideas that literary elements and emotional writing are universal.

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Fall 11-27-2023


Jackie Jay

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History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies

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