This research focuses on understanding how the distribution of materials regarding gender-based violence is occurring on university campuses. Gender-based violence is a prevalent issue on campuses but there are limitations depending on certain aspects like the political climate and the campus environment. The most discussed gender-based violence crime is rape and sexual assault. Yet, there are other crimes that students face like stalking and domestic violence. Common trends that were assessed that may have an impact on why are reporting patterns, federal protections, university resources, and campus environment. These trends impact students daily since their campuses may choose how they want to distribute the information. A pamphlet was created that focuses on addressing the current gaps of limitations when it comes to inclusivity and accessing the information. It discusses the resources within the campus and the surrounding community. The goal is to create a method that is preventative intervention. Creating a discussion surrounding the accessibility of information and the presentation is important to ensure that students are aware of what they have access to as a college student as they may already feel overwhelmed during an already challenging time.

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Fall 2023


Dr. Victoria Collins

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Justice Studies

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Justice Studies