Publication Date

November 2011


The Quality Matters (QM) standards are benchmarks that educators strive to follow as they develop online courses. The QM standards are based on current literature focused on course delivery rather than course design. One method of course design that educators can use to provide organized, sequential and navigational web-supported instruction is through the use of modular instruction (use of modules). What is unique about the modular structure shared in this session is the use of an "Introductory Module" as a starting point in the course, plus the structure of the "Content Modules" that include links to communication boards that support the modular structure. In fact, using the proposed modular structure shared in this session, faculty members will develop courses that meet all 17 essential QM Standards. This will help to ensure the course is well designed by providing clear organization, navigation and methods of communications to learners. In this session, participants will be able to view an example course that has met the essential QM Standards. This will lead to an open discussion of how this type of template might be utilized at their institutions and the resources needed.

Journal Title

3rd Annual Quality Matters Conference