An annotated checklist of the caddisflies (Insecta: Trichoptera) of Kentucky

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Spring 2012




Distributional records for 293 caddisfly species representing 22 families and 68 genera are reported from Kentucky along with information on taxonomy, flight period, habitat, and conservation status. Sixty-nine species represent new records for the Commonwealth. Kentucky’s geographic regions are compared with respect to species richness. Distributions are summarized for all species; detailed occurrence data are provided for new records, species with limited distributions, and those representing substantial range extensions. A total of 69 species (24% of the fauna) are identified as imperiled or vulnerable within Kentucky.


"Assistance with collection permits and site access were provided by Joyce Bender (KSNPC), Dr. Melinda Wilder and Robert Woods (Lilley Cornett Woods), Michael Johnson (Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge), Jenny Beeler and Mark Woods (CUGA), Mike Brandenburg (Fort Knox), Alan Colwell and Tom Edwards (BGAD), Dr. Jeff Stringer (Robinson Forest), Tom Blount and Steve Bakalatz (BISO), Robert Ward (MACA and ABLI), and Steve Bloemer and Travis McDonald (LBL). We express our thanks to the many persons who provided field assistance: Carrie Allison, Mike Armstrong, Stephanie Brandt, Sue Bruenderman, Tez Butler, Mike Compton, Phil DeGarmo, Andrew Eller, Ryan Evans, Nancy Floyd, Clarence Floyd, Dawn Floyd, Nathaniel Floyd, James Gruhala, Mark Gumbert, Ed Hartowicz, Dr. Richie Kessler, Chris Leftwich, Rodney Martinez, Randall Payne, Joe Metzmeier, Dr. Andrew Radomski, Bert Remley, Dr. Matt Thomas, Anthony Velasco, Mark Vogel, Dr. Gordon Weddle, and Alan Whited. Greg Abernathy (KSNPC) kindly prepared Figure 1. Ellis Laudermilk (KSNPC) provided a detailed review of the manuscript, reviewed our preliminary list of imperiled and vulnerable taxa, and helped with development of KY ranks and status information. Adult and larval specimens were provided by Loran Gibson, Ellis Laudermilk, Dr. Don Tarter, Mark Vogel, and Ron Houp. Dr. Steve Harris identified or verified numerous Hydroptilidae and provided a detailed review of the manuscript. Collections by Charles Parker and Jason Robinson were supported by a grant from the U.S. Geological Survey through the Natural Resources Preservation Program. Finally, our sincere thanks are extended to Mr. Virgil Lee Andrews, Jr. (USFWS), who provided financial support in the form of equipment, travel expenses, and page costs." (p. 36)