A new variant of Plethodon wehrlei in Kentucky and West Virginia

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A new variant of Plethodon wehrlei was discovered in Letcher County, Kentucky and Summers County, West Virginia. The specimens from Kentucky represent a new state record for this species, and extend the known geographic range of the species by 85 km. This variant differs from other P. wehrlei in its possession of large, yellow spots on the dorsum.


"Publication no. 8 from Lilley Cornett Woods Appalachian Ecological Research Station, Eastern Kentucky University." (p. 157)

"Acknowledgments: We thank Dr. Richard Highton, Greg Sievert, and John Mcgregor for their assistance during this study. Also, we acknowledge Dr. William Martin, Director of the Division of Natural Areas at E.K.U., for financial support of the project at Lilley Cornett Woods." (p. 158)