The vascular flora of Lilley Cornett Woods, Letcher County, Kentucky

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The vascular flora of Lilley Cornett Woods was investigated for two growing seasons (May 1978-October 1979). Collections included old growth plant communities as well as successional forests and old fields. A total of 516 vascular plant species, representing 92 families and 297 generais included in the floral list. The Asteraceae and Poaceae are the two largest families and represent 21.71% of the flora. Two species, Monotropsis odorata Schwein, and Panax quinquefolius L., are considered threatened in Kentucky. The floristic richness is comparable to other areas in the southern Appalachians.


"Contribution Number 6 from Lilley Cornett Woods: Appalachian Ecological Research Station of Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky, 40475."