Scientific Inquiry in Social Work [Textbook]


Scientific Inquiry in Social Work [Textbook]


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As an introductory textbook for social work students studying research methods, this book guides students through the process of creating a research project. Students will learn how to discover a researchable topic that is interesting to them, examine scholarly literature, formulate a proper research question, design a quantitative or qualitative study to answer their question, carry out the design, interpret quantitative or qualitative results, and disseminate their findings to a variety of audiences. Examples are drawn from the author's practice and research experience, as well as topical articles from the literature. The textbook is aligned with the Council on Social Work Education's 2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards.

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This is an Open Educational Resource (OER), an openly licensed educational material designed to replace a traditional textbook, used by Dr. Erin Stevenson in her Social Work 340: Social Work Research Methods course.

Dr. Stevenson adapted the assignment suggestions provided by the original textbook author Dr. Matthew DeCarlo for use in her SWK 340 course. These are also openly licensed for further adaptation and are available for download in this collection.

Scientific Inquiry in Social Work [Textbook]