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Occupational Therapy


Background: Understanding why occupational therapists select certain self-care standardized assessments within the skilled nursing setting is important to ensure outcomes are accurately measured. Consistent use of self-care standardized assessments can further support the utilization of occupational therapy services. Limited research is available to understand why occupational therapists use self-care standardized assessments in general as well as specifically within skilled nursing facilities (SNFs).

Purpose: The objective of this project is to discover the supports and barriers to utilizing self-care standardized assessments among occupational therapy practitioners who work within for-profit SNFs.

Theoretical Framework. Theoretical framework utilized to evaluate the intrinsic and extrinsic factors to selecting self-care standardized assessments was the PersonEnvironment-Occupation-Performance model.

Methods. This case series, which includes three occupational therapists with varying levels of experience, explored the phenomenon of their decision to use or not use selfcare standardized assessments.

Results. Thematic analysis of each case’s interview revealed intrinsic and extrinsic themes that were either supports or barriers in selecting self-care standardized assessments in skilled nursing practice. Common themes among all three cases included education and work environment. Different themes among the cases included culture, insurance and functionality.

Conclusions: Findings from the case series were consistent with previous research which included the following reasons for not routinely administering self-care standardized assessments: unfamiliarity with assessments, workload, and time to complete them.

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Anne Fleischer

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