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Doctor in Psychology (Psy. D.)


The COVID-19 pandemic was a source of anxiety and depression for many people, and for some it exacerbated existing mood and anxiety symptoms. Measurement of symptoms of anxiety and depression can play an important role in intervention to decrease these symptoms. However, to ensure validity of these measures, one must be able to understand the language of the screeners. An adapted Patient Health Questionnaire-9 and Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 Item Scale were created for usage with adults with developmental disability and/or severe mental illness who may have difficulty understanding the language of the original versions of these measures. A study was developed to measure the perceived benefit and ease of administration from a clinician’s perspective. Results indicate that these measures may be helpful in measuring symptoms of depression and anxiety. The limitations of this study and future directions for the measures are discussed.

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Myra Beth Bundy, Ph.D.

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Maggie Freeman, Psy.D.

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Jerry Palmer, Ph.D.

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