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Doctor in Psychology (Psy. D.)


Though there is an extensive need for mental health practitioners of child and adolescent psychology, there tends to be a significantly lower number of these providers compared to adult clinicians. For this reason, this study sought to provide emerging child and adolescent clinicians with a point of clinical reference to allow for more efficient and competent services to be provided. This was accomplished by increasing the reader’s foundational knowledge of child and adolescent treatment via a brief historical review, while also increasing the reader’s clinical knowledge/readiness by examining participant reported interventions/insights on the most commonly encountered therapy interfering behaviors, clinical concerns, and the associated resources/interventions used to address them. The product of this study provides the reader with tip sheets and resource lists that will serve as a quick reference of the accumulated skills and knowledge shared by the clinician participants. These tip sheets and resource lists are intended to serve as topic guides to spur the reader’s own exploration and research as it pertains to their own clinical practice.

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Myra Beth Bundy, PhD

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Maggie Freeman, PsyD

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Jerry Palmer, PhD

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