2020 University Presentation Showcase

While the 2020 University Presentation Showcase in-person event was been cancelled cancelled due to the COVID-19 safety measures recommended by the CDC, the scholarship submitted by students and faculty is showcased online here.

Students and faculty/staff mentors can share their collaborative work with the public. Students in ALL departments who have collaborated with faculty/staff on scholarly and/or creative projects are invited to participate. Projects may include artwork, original writing, research, and other scholarly/creative work. Projects that go beyond a classroom assignment are most appropriate, although there are exceptions, e.g. senior theses. Students must have collaborated on the project with a faculty or staff mentor, who must recommend the student’s project for the Showcase, and approve the abstract before submission.

Faculty in ALL departments who have recently completed a scholarly and/or creative project are invited to participate. Although most of the projects should be displayed as a standard research poster, artwork, performances or other creative work may also be submitted as an image or video file.

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University Presentation Showcase: Undergraduate Division
University Presentation Showcase: Graduate Division
University Presentation Showcase: Faculty Division