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Spring 2018


Safety, Security, and Emergency Management


The poster will focus on the new 2nd edition of "Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection" by Drs. Ryan Baggett and Brian Simpkins. The textbook will be released in July 2018 by Praeger Security International and is currently in the editing and publication phase. The book provides a compelling overview of the systems and strategies that have been designed and implemented to safeguard U.S. resources from a plethora of threats and hazards, the vulnerabilities and security gaps in these infrastructure systems, and options to enable the future security of the homeland. Further, the revised edition includes enhanced strategies such as risk analysis and assessment, public/private partnerships, information sharing, and continuity planning. The authors focus on relevant and timely threats and hazards facing specific infrastructure components including, but not limited to, agriculture and food, banking and finance, water, energy, telecommunications, and transportation. The dynamic posture of critical infrastructure security and resilience (CISR) underscores the importance of an integrated, layered all-hazards approach. In describing this approach, the book includes new chapters on planning and guidance, public/private partnerships, cyber issues/threats, and future trends in infrastructure protection.