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Creation Date

Spring 2023


Masters in Recreation and Park Administration


Recreation and Park Administration




Dr. Michelle Gerken CTRS

Mentor Department

Recreation and Park Administration


Music therapy is a kind of therapy which uses music as a part of the therapeutic relationship to treat physical, psychological, cognitive, and social needs. Music therapy, and its usage by professionals like Music Therapists and Therapeutic Recreation Specialists, is the clinical, evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized therapeutic goals and outcomes. Although people may have an initial definition and can identify benefits like reduced anxiety and stress, the promotion of feelings and memories, and changes in mood and emotional states through their own experiences, most people don’t understand the magnitude of conditions, attained skills, and benefits which result from music therapy sessions. Music can be used as a form of communication(verbal and non-verbal), to facilitate social and emotional interactions, to develop relationships and connections, to explore personal feelings and attitudes, and to promote self-exploration and expression. To name but a few examples which improve a clients quality of life in mental, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional areas. The goal of this scholarly work is to ensure that we are all on the same sheet of music through identifying, exploring and presenting the types of therapy, benefits, treated illnesses and conditions, efficacy of interventions, and their associated short- and long-term outcomes through involvement in such sessions; furthermore, to identify and inform on any issues or shortcomings which may need to be addressed in an effort to not sing out of key while making music(therapy) together.