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Master of Public Health


Health Promotion and Administration




Julie Lasslo, Molly McKinney

Mentor Department

Health Promotion and Administration


Many people believe that binge drinking is common among college students. However, existing research has conflicting data on the amount of alcohol that college students consume. The study implemented a survey of EKU students based on the Michigan State social norming campaign. This survey was used to gauge perceived drinking norms of students on campus and compare them to the actual drinking habits of those same students. One hundred and thirty-three students responded to the questionnaire. This research found that EKU college students perceived drinking norms to be much higher than they were. More than 42% of EKU students did not drink the last time they partied or socialized, yet 86% answered that they believed the average student consumed 3 drinks or more. The results indicate that drinking is not as common among college students as most people believe. A social marketing campaign was conducted during Homecoming week to demonstrate the differences in perceived norms and actual drinking habits and encourage safe behavior during the week's festivities. Further training education concerning alcohol safety should continue to be a priority on college campuses. College students should not feel the need to drink to fit in.