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Spring 2023


Recreation and Parks Administration (Concentrations: Natural Resource Recreation Admin & Event Planning)


Recreation and Park Administration




Dr. Reglena Salmans

Mentor Department

Recreation and Park Administration


Kentucky, like many other lower-Appalachian states, are experiencing a bourgeoning recreation and tourism industry growth. A staple of many communities is a healthy and growing parks program. To achieve a popular and successful local or regional parks program, a fair deal of community involvement is required. Soliciting feedback from the citizens of a parks program is a key method to assuring this success marker is achieved. Another function for this data is to use it as a tool for comparison between the different parks departments in the state. A primary benefit for this data collection is for each individual agency to identify key areas and earmark them for improvement based on community feedback. Measuring the success of these different agencies also provides a secondary benefit in that an agency can use their collected data and compare that to other local and regional parks departments to provide a comprehensive analysis of where each department relates in terms of community satisfaction. The problem being addressed with this research will be the ensuring of proper amenities and recreational opportunities comparable to that of other departments in the state.