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Spring 2016


Recreation and Park Administration


Recreation and Park Administration




Michael J. Bradley

Mentor Department

Recreation and Park Administration


The Craft beer industry generated $19.6 billion worth of revenue in 2014, roughly 19% of the total beer industry. Similarly, the number of breweries in the US increased by 19% for a total of 3,484 breweries, over half of which were microbreweries (Brewers Association, 2014). Despite this growth, the library of research is minimal, and more is necessary to better understand the impacts of brewery tourism. This study will identify motivators for non-local residents to visit Kentucky breweries.

By conducting traditional paper surveys at various breweries throughout Kentucky, the researchers established that the average visitor was a young, well-educated Caucasian male making $68,000 a year. When visiting breweries outside their community, the most common motivators to visit were the variety of beer available, and the opportunity to learn something new. Interestingly, analysis showed that most motivators had a positive impact, with the exception of the presence of food and the need to be a “regular visitor”.

This study has several implications for Kentucky breweries, particularly in terms of marketing their product. For example, maintaining an online presence could attract potential customers in the average visitor demographic. Additionally, breweries should focus on providing an expansive selection of beers, as well as develop brewery tours or provide information on the history of their establishment. Lastly, using the word ‘local’, expanding on where the ingredients came from, and becoming more present in the community could encourage those people who are motivated by supporting local businesses to visit as well.