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Creation Date

Spring 2015




English and Theatre




Jill Parrott

Mentor Department

English and Theatre


This poster presents research on gaps and solutions in four areas of the student peer review process. The first section addresses student perceptions of peer review. Pedagogues agree that students can benefit but do not always receive these benefits: they may be uncomfortable exchanging comments, lack the confidence to give effective feedback, or do not see the opportunity to improve. The second section addresses instructor involvement. Research shows that teachers can adversely affect student perception of or engagement in the process through negative attitudes, lack of structure, modeling, and feedback throughout the process. The third section addresses the ways different physical environments affect peer review. Students are expected to meaningfully interact with each other but are often placed in environments that discourage collaboration. The final section addresses shared vocabulary and concepts needed to successfully complete peer review. Often, instructors are left to create materials or lead students through the process blindly, and as a result, students lack the tools and terminology to provide effective feedback on peers’ work.

Through original research including surveys and observations of instructors and students in EKU’s First-Year Writing Program, the researchers offer possible solutions to each of these problems. The researchers explore the use of heuristic questions to facilitate meaningful discussion and curtail problems such as focus on lower order concerns, vague feedback, and rushing. They provide suggestions for instructor involvement and creating a comfortable classroom environment. This research also presents further solutions such as providing appropriate vocabulary, using interactive activities, integrating technology, and adopting readily-available, shared, and tested resources consistently throughout programs.