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Spring 2017


Recreation and Park Administration


Recreation and Park Administration




Michael J. Bradley

Mentor Department

Recreation and Park Administration


The purpose of this study is to examine the role of Therapeutic Recreation in the outcomes of a Community Integration Program for residents of an Acquired Brain Injury, Long Term Care Rehabilitation program. All residents of this facility have a diagnosis of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) as well as a pre-existing mental illness. Length of stay varies based on the nature of injury and related skills deficits, with average length of stay being 6-9 months. Community discharge is the ultimate goal for every participant of the program, with varying levels of support. Residents are encouraged to take an active role in planning their discharge and encouraged to advocate for their personal needs and rights. The main data collection method for this study is observation. Residents’ skills, behaviors, and goal achievement progress are observed in group therapy settings, individual therapy settings, and community outings. The results of this study show that providing Long Term Care for ABI and Mental Illness can improve overall functioning as well as community functioning. Within the scope of Therapeutic Recreation, residents are able to identify new home leisure interests, perform leisure with adaptations as needed, and identify community leisure interests.