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Spring 2017


Ms in Recreation


Recreation and Park Administration




Jon McChesney

Mentor Department

Recreation and Park Administration


•The millennial generation born during 1980 to 2000 is now entering in the different job fields in vast numbers. This study is focused on the behavior, importance, and role of millennials in organizations today. •From the last few years, the millennial generation started working hard and for the betterment of the country and their behavior seems to be innovative and better for the success of the country. However, the millennial generation is dealing with great work pressure and burdens and they are facing such issues and burdens very effectively. In the recent decade, the millennial generation proves that they can bear any kind of work responsibilities and work burdens as compared with other generation and people. •The older generation has often been characterized as binge results-focused; irrespective of where and when the task is done. While the millennial generation focuses on high productivity, they might be satisfied with the flexibility of completing a task at their own time and their management (Tang and Tzeng, 1992). •The World is going to be handled by the young generation in the coming few years likely, to be after 2020, but still there is a gap of experience for the millennial generation. •The experience of the older generation who were born during 1961 to 1981 is also an important factor, which can increase the millennial generations performance, and it can impact the millennial generations work expectation and work abilities. Furthermore, the millennial generation is also more educated as compared with the older generation who born during 1965 through 1980 and it is also a major difference between the work performance of the millennial generation and other generations. Education polishes the individual and increases the characteristics and increase performance in the different field of life. Education and knowledge also make the millennial generation multitalented because the millennial generation can handle different tasks within a single time and they are able to work independently and within a team as well.