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Spring 1-1-2018


Recreation and Park Administration


Recreation and Park Administration




Michael J. Bradley

Mentor Department

Recreation and Park Administration


A form of recreation that is still misunderstood is the activity of actively going out and searching for one of the great legends of North America. This activity is of course, is none other than Squatchin’. For the purposes of this research the term “Bigfooting,” or “Squatchin,” refers to spending time outdoors researching this creature. Until this study, no academic research has been conducted on the segment of the population who finds themselves in the woods attempting to make contact with these creatures. Inquiries were made in the Bigfooting community and a survey distributed. This survey was designed to measure the seriousness and demographics of the Bigfooter for this year long stody. From this study, researchers learned that bigfooters are a diverse one, and their levels of seriousness vary just as one might imagine. This segment of the population, opting for this activity for recreation, is quite diverse. Squatchin’ participants take Squatchin seriously, with considerable time and resource investment to continue this recreation endeavor.