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Creation Date

Spring 2018


Therapeutic Recreation


Recreation and Park Administration




Michael J. Bradley

Mentor Department

Recreation and Park Administration


Economic impact reports are created to measure the amount of revenue brought into the local area. Festivals such as this are vital to rural communities since events of this nature draw crowds from the local community and surrounding communities. In some cases, much revenue is generated for cities and/or communities from festivals and events. This research identifies the economic impact of the Crafts Festival held by Paintsville, KY. This was a one-day event facilitated by the city and included crafts of all natures such as paintings, carvings and craft beer. A beer garden was available in one area of the festival with other crafts available in a separate area. The projected attendance was 5,000 , however, actual attendance was less than two hundred people. The overall economic impact was $500, but the results are inconclusive and should be digested with caution.