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Creation Date

Spring 4-3-2017


Accounting and Finance


Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems




Laura R. Barthel

Mentor Department

Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems


U-PlanIt is a web/app based service company that specializes in event planning. U-PlanIt connects small businesses with local consumers to help them with their party planning needs. U-PlanIt will make event planning faster, easier, and cheaper for event planners. U-PlanIt will have a software that will help party planners plan their party step by step for a cheap price. Currently, U-PlanIt plans to charge the general population $9.99 per service while charging a yearly subscription of $25 for vendors. The vendors will get the full-feature subscription during U-PlanIt’s first year of operation for them to demonstrate what a full subscription is like. After that, the vendors will be charged for the following: $25 bronze (basic subscription), $50 silver, $75 gold, and $100 platinum (full subscription).

U-PlanIt will rely mainly on angel investors as it attempts to start with $80,000 in cash. U-PlanIt will need people working for management, finance, sales/marketing, operations, customer service, IT, and web development. According to its projected financial statements, U-PlanIt expects to make a profit by the end of U-PlanIt’s first year. U-PlanIt has a competitive advantage over other competing companies because it is the only web/app company that deals with a variety of special events.