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Creation Date

Spring 2017


Occupational Science


Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy




Renee Causey-Upton

Mentor Department

Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy


Before the 1900s, participating in home births with the help of a midwife was the normal birth experience for women during this time period. Since then, doctors have been guiding births in the hospital where there are many resources and a healthcare team to assist throughout labor and delivery. However, medically-based delivery has been linked to negative outcomes such as women feeling a lack of control over their birth experience and increased use of medical interventions during delivery. Research have shown that letting the mother make a choice about her maternity care experience can result in more positive outcomes such as decreased risk of perinatal death, less likely to have obstetric interventions, and adverse maternal outcomes. Women and families need more knowledge about and access to delivery options including home birth so that they can make informed decisions about their location of delivery and the mother’s birth experience. The purpose of this poster is to describe factors that result in limited birth options for pregnant women and to propose changes to healthcare service delivery to increase options for women, specifically home births.