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Creation Date

Spring 2017


Business Management


Management, Marketing, and International Business




Russell Carpenter

Mentor Department

English and Theatre


The Noel Studio’s Professional Development Student Coordinators updated the consultant training system to incorporate multimodality, metacognition, and interactivity in a scale-based training environment. Eastern Kentucky University recently fashioned a new faculty development platform, DEEP (Developing Excellence in Eastern’s Professors), that focuses on innovations in teaching and learning. The Noel Studio Professional Development Student Coordinators utilized the early stages of DEEP’s framework to revamp their own training system, DECK (Developing Excellence in Consultant Knowledge). DEEP and DECK share a similar foundational theory that incorporates level or scale-based training. Like DEEP, DECK uses the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy (RBT) to scale learning-based content in a metacognitive way. However, the Student Coordinators adapted DEEP’s initial plan to better fit the needs of the student consultants by providing an innovative learning platform that allows consultants to take control of their own training. DECK launched in Fall 2016 as the platform for the Noel Studio multimodal training modules and materials.

In this research poster, the authors explain the Noel Studio’s training program progression over the last two semesters. Researchers discuss the Studio’s past approach to training, the current training model, and the future evolution of training modules in order to better meet the needs of student consultants’.