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Creation Date

Spring 2017




Management, Marketing, and International Business




Qian Xiao

Mentor Department

Management, Marketing, and International Business


The purpose of the term project was to create a business venture that implemented concepts that have been taught in the business program. To apply the concepts, Easy-Eats, a tool used to make eating on the go mess free and more convenient, was created. The purpose of Easy-Eats is to allow the fast paced world to enjoy meals on the go. Consumers can enjoy their burger, bagel, or sandwich of any type while preventing any messes that could occur in the car, walking down the street, etc. For this product, extensive research on the target market, external environment, internal environment, and operating strategies were conducted. These processes, assisted in developing the prototype of the product, Easy-Eats. Easy-Eats is a silicone dish that forms to the hand of the consumer while fitting to the burger, bagel, or sandwich of any type on the opposite side simultaneously. As a result, Easy-Eats consumers are able to enjoy a meal on the go while not having to worry about the messes that could possibly be made. This business venture that was created provided ways for business students to apply concepts learned in the business program to a potential product, giving the students a real life application of their business education.