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Creation Date

Spring 3-2018




Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work




James N. Maples

Mentor Department

Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work


In this study, I examined Eastern Kentucky University students’ awareness of socioeconomic reproduction and various contributing variables. To obtain data, I surveyed students on their education, career, and income goals as well as their parents’ education and income. I also questioned the about their socioeconomic class growing up and their opinions on several statements regarding causes of social mobility. I then used SPSS to run OLS regression and t-tests to analyze the data. I found that students’ education and income goals had no significant correlation with parent educational obtainment and current income. I also found that most students did not believe in the American dream, that individuals can easily move up the social ladder through hard work and determination. These two findings were contradictory given that the education and income goals reported by students far surpassed their parents’. Overall, this study led me to the further questions of whether social immobility is an unconscious occurrence and when the cycle of socioeconomic reproduction actually begins.