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Apparel Design and Merchandising


Family and Consumer Sciences




Amber M. Chatelain

Mentor Department

Family and Consumer Sciences


For Dr. Amber Chatelain’s ADM 313 Apparel Design and Quality class, we had to create a dress or garment made of paper and apply a specific pleating method. The purpose of this project was to practice different pleating techniques and personal creativity in designing the garment. I decided to go for a wedding dress look, because 1) I was inspired by my sister since she just recently got married and 2) I love the color white, so from that I immediately thought bridal. The name of my garment is called “Irresistibly Ivory”, because you want to look more irresistible than ever to your groom on your special day and most of the dress is the color of ivory. To create this garment, I used decorative, shiny, floral, specialty paper for the skirt, solid color beige specialty paper for the torso, jewels, and tulle. To assemble this garment, I used hot glue and pins. The pleating methods I used were box or inverted pleat, knife pleat, and accordion pleat. I used the box or inverted pleat for most of the skirt. For the back of the skirt, I used an accordion pleat, because I wanted to incorporate something different to make it look like it had a unique train/back of the dress. For the torso, I used a knife pleat to create a more slimming waist look. I wanted to include jewels on the torso to resemble an embellished belt that brides sometimes use to add to their dress. Since tulle is used for most veils, I decided to use that for the bust.