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Spring 3-22-2021








Adam Lawson

Mentor Department



There have been numerous studies investigating the link between stress and neurological disabilities. Stress can be defined by physical or emotional. One specific neurological disorder that stress affects is Epilepsy. It has been found that emotional stress is one of the most commonly reported symptoms for seizures and those who have epilepsy. However, acute physical stressors can also exacerbate seizures as well. Surprisingly, not much research has been done regarding stress effecting loss of consciousness and headaches. Since stress has been shown to affect neurological disorders in the past, it’s likely to have an effect on these symptoms as well. In this study we seek to investigate the effect of stress on loss of consciousness and headaches. In order to accomplish this, we plan to use two different questionnaires. One is a questionnaire related to stress, while the other is about loss of consciousness and headaches. In the analysis of these two questionnaires, we hope to find a positive correlation between stress and the loss consciousness and headaches. We hypothesized that stress will positively correlate with loss of consciousness (e.g., seizures) incidents and frequency of headaches. If this hypothesis is proven, we will be able to monitor the stress levels of individuals with neurological disorders and improve the accuracy of predictors for seizure activity.

Keywords: stress, loss of consciousness and headaches, epilepsy