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Occupational Science


Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy




Susan Skees-Hermes

Mentor Department

Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy


As professionals it is important to promote interprofessional education and collaboration as it fosters learning and understanding among various disciplines. The purpose of my project was connecting the department of Veteran Studies and the department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy. An oral history protocol was developed between the Student Occupational Science Association (SOSA) and Veteran Studies that would promote learning and understanding of the Veteran community and increase leadership and interviewing skills. This project provided the resources for SOSA’s members to develop interviewing skills and provide information on veterans culture.

Faculty resources were utilized to develop a blackboard template for service organizations to independently organize teams to collect veterans oral histories to be donated to the William H. Berg Oral History archives. Interprofessional collaboration facilitates enhanced learning and increases professionalism skills. This allows students to build foundation skills to be prepared for the workforce. The model of human occupation (MOHO) guided aspects to help define the importance of discovering the motivation behind individuals' occupations.

In conclusion my project developed a protocol that was piloted within the SOSA organization. With this protocol it will bring a greater understanding of the veteran population. It will also enhance professionalism by providing the resources required to increase interviewing skills. This project also emphasizes the importance of intercollegiate collaboration as I have collaborated with Veterans Studies, Occupational Science, and EKU Crabbe Library to develop this project. These interviews will also be donated to the William H. Berg Oral History center to benefit future students.