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Creation Date

Spring 2023


Environmental & Applied Geology






Donald M. Yow

Mentor Department



The Kentucky Mesonet is recognized as the official provider of climatological observations in the Commonwealth. Meteorological data from the Kentucky Mesonet are used to show how Madison and Fayette County’s climates have varied since summer 2009. These data are also compared with concurrent observations from Lexington’s Bluegrass Airport (BGAP). The data will be analyzed for any discernable trends. Variables considered include minimum, maximum, and average daily temperatures, precipitation totals, growing season length, frost and freeze dates, heating degree days, and cooling degree days. The statistical analysis for these trends will be done in Microsoft Excel and Minitab, and charts and graphs will be constructed in these software. The data will be analyzed for monthly, yearly, and seasonal trends. Maps may also be created in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software to visually display findings. The findings of this project aim to show how Madison and Fayette County’s climate have changed over time. Weather and climate monitoring helps us to understand how the Earth’s climate is changing and by what magnitude. Climate has great impacts on the Earth, and monitoring it allows us to better prepare for future possibilities. Kentucky Mesonet data provide valuable scientific insight into local climate variability and change.