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Spring 2016


Recreation and Park Administration


Recreation and Park Administration




Michael J. Bradley

Mentor Department

Recreation and Park Administration


Self photography and selfies have become a prominent part of society. These types of photographs are personal works that can create desire in others to take part in an activity or visit a specific location. Finding the motives behind taking these types of photography and posting them to social media would greatly benefit the popularity of natural areas and their business. With this information natural areas can influence visitors to take photographs and post them so that they attract new visitors to the location. To determine the reasons and motives behind these possible social media postings of natural areas, a pilot survey was conducted at Cumberland Falls State Park in February 2016. The survey consisted of 102 randomly selected participants ages 18 to 67. Findings suggest that photography in natural areas were primarily posted to social media because it is easy, displays the activity participated in, and increased reputation of the participant by viewers. Managers of natural areas can use this information to influence the behavior by encouraging posting and making it easier at their locations, also managers can set up specific picture locations and encourage visitors to take photographs at those highlighted locations.