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The LA School Walkouts: Reflections on 50 Years of Protest and Progress [Video]

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Bobby Lee Verdugo and Yoli Rios were key organizers of the East L.A. Chicano Walkouts at 5 high schools in East Los Angeles that began on March 8, 1968 and spurred an education rights movement in protest to the discrimination and oppression that confronted the Chicano community. The couple, who began dating at the time of the Walkouts, went on to get married and to devote much of their lives and energies to civil rights activism, educational reform and social progress. 2018 has proved a banner year of celebration and commemoration for the couple, who have been in high demand around the country speaking and discussing their work on the 50th anniversary of the historic Walkouts. In March 2018, they participated in a special 50th anniversary commemoration at the California State Capitol. As a sign of his continuing commitment to the cause, in July 2018 Bobby Verdugo was named Volunteer of the Year by the Chicano/Latino Youth Leadership Project of California, with which he has been involved for over a decade.

Hispanic Heritage Keynote Address.

Part of the Chautauqua Lecture Series: Truths and Consequences (2018-2019)


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