Jumpstarting First-Year Student Success through Assessment and Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations.



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Conference Presentation

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Representatives from Eastern Kentucky University Libraries and the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity will share how establishing shared ownership with First Year Courses (FYC) leadership revived a failing information literacy assignment by harnessing the strengths of librarians, students, and FYC instructors to create an engaging and impactful library experience. Through continued collaboration and assessment, EKU Libraries and the Noel Studio expanded their partnership with FYC to include embedded librarians and a series of clearly‐connected, scaffolded interactions: LibStart (library orientation), topic exploration workshop, evaluating information workshop, research consultation, and a final project check‐in consultation.

Learning Outcomes:

Session participants will be able to:

  •  assess programs and partnerships on their own campus

  •  implement programs and events discussed by presenters

  •  design new services and programs

  •  refine/revise existing partnerships/assignments

Expected Audience: Brand New and Some Experience

Conference Name

2nd National Personal Librarian & First Year Experience Library Conference

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