This thesis first argues that modern technological society (MTS) is moral-ethically harmful to its inhabitants. Through an analysis of works on the subject, two philosophical harms having to do with Being are presented. It is then shown how these harms are consequences of some of MTS’ most prominent technologies and their methods of implementation. Since these harms are moral-ethically dangerous, and the technologies that best perpetuate them are integral to the identity of MTS, the thesis finds MTS to be moral-ethically dangerous as well. Following these findings, the thesis touches on the few prominent solutions to MTS put forth in the anti-technology position in the philosophy of technology, and notes how they are defective or insufficient. The thesis concludes by putting forth greater rational engagement with philosophy as a possible saving principle for those in MTS, placing especial significance on introspection and dialogic as methods with which to resist MTS’s harms on Being.

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Fall 2023


Dr. Matthew Pianalto

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History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies

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Honors Scholars

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Philosophy and Religion