This project examines the influence of color theory and its application, as well as the impact of typography, imagery, and layout, within print design by discussing how these elements affect an audience’s emotional response. A culmination of research explains how and why different colors have a direct effect on a person’s emotion, and how/why they can produce specific outcomes if manipulated correctly in relation to their context. Distinctive colors and color groupings affect audiences differently and specific examples of such are discussed including: blue, red, yellow, orange, green, violet, white, black, browns, warm/cool, light/dark, etc. Typography, when used appropriately can communicate a pointed and effective message to viewers, while imagery is recognized to make a person feel connected, repulsed, or fascinated by a subject. These elements together form the layout of print design, and principles such as the gestalt theory explain that the factors’ placement and arrangement can cause a viewer’s mind to formulate associations. Understanding the psychology of these elements allow a designer the ability to manipulate an audience’s reaction to a design, advertisement, or artwork. Taking this research into account, posters were designed utilizing these elements and exemplifying how the desired psychological response is attained.

Semester/Year of Award

Spring 2013


Ida Kumoji-Ankrah

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Art and Design

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Restricted Access Thesis

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Bachelor Thesis

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Honors Scholars

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Art and Design

StrawzellHonorsThesisFigure1.jpg (1429 kB)
Figure 1 - Body Image

StrawzellHonorsThesisFigure2.jpg (1479 kB)
Figure 2 - Censorship

StrawzellHonorsThesisFigure3.jpg (1986 kB)
Figure 3 - Adoption

StrawzellHonorsThesisFigure4.jpg (1697 kB)
Figure 4 - Abuse

StrawzellHonorsThesisFigure5.jpg (1101 kB)
Figure 5 - Weapon Safety

StrawzellHonorsThesisFigure6.jpg (2225 kB)
Figure 6 - Literacy

StrawzellHonorsThesisFigure7.jpg (1971 kB)
Figure 7 - Education

StrawzellHonorsThesisFigure8.jpg (2292 kB)
Figure 8 - Family Values

StrawzellHonorsThesisFigure9.jpg (2360 kB)
Figure 9 - Going 'Green'

StrawzellHonorsThesisFigure10.jpg (1972 kB)
Figure 10 - Smoking

StrawzellHonorsThesisFigure11.jpg (5742 kB)
Figure 11 - Modern Communication

StrawzellHonorsThesisFigure12.jpg (984 kB)
Figure 12 - Poverty