One Voice is a proposed television show that aims to teach civic engagement principles. Civic engagement in the United States is very low, especially among younger age groups. Only 17.1% of 18-24 year-olds voted in 2014 elections, and participation rates in other ways are just as low. Education is the first step to increasing engagement. This education should not take place only in the classroom, but in entertainment. One Voice is presented as a drama, not an educational program, so learning happens naturally while enjoying the show. The show is targeted at young adults of middle and high school age and aims to teach basic civic engagement principles in a creative and entertaining manner. One Voice will educate on how to become civically engaged and inspire youth to do so. Those exposed to more civic engagement principles in their younger years can carry the knowledge and drive with them as they age. One Voice takes place in an alternate history United States where women did not gain the right to vote in 1920 and follows fourteen year-old protagonist Finley Delaney as she joins a modern day suffrage movement. The creative portion of this project takes the form of a “pitch” and a complete script for a pilot episode.

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Matthew L. Howell

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