Discrimination against women in the workplace has been a widespread topic throughout society for quite a few years. According to the National Partnership for Woman and Families (2017), women make 80 cents for every dollar paid to men. While this number statistically represents the wage discrimination women face throughout all industries, it is also important to look at other discriminatory factors women face as well. More specifically in the male-dominated sport industry, we see women represented in extremely low numbers. While women may lack the interest to occupy jobs in this profession, this does not entirely explain the underrepresentation. In 1972, Title IX was passed which set out to promote equality in federally funded educational institutions and was later applied to athletics. Before this law was enacted, females coached 90+% of women’s teams. By 2014, that number has dropped to 43.4% (Acosta & Carpenter, 2014). There are several factors that contribute to this steep decline, most result from the stereotypes society instills in males and females from a young age. The way men and women are raised influences interests, careers, socialization, and views of the opposite gender. Due to these societal factors, stereotypes are made and sexism becomes evident. This leads to the low representation and ultimately alienation of women in the good ole’ boys club, referred to as the sports industry.

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