For this creative project, I created a children’s book titled Talk to Someone. The book is written to encourage children who might have symptoms of depression to talk to a trusted adult who can identify signs and make the appropriate next steps to help the child. The written portion of this project includes findings about depression in children and adolescents and highlights the long-term effects of undiagnosed or untreated depression. To have an effective conversation about depression, children must make sense of their feelings. The book that I have created gives the child relatable characters through which to make meaning. The essay discusses other children’s books as they relate to depression and evaluates their effectiveness when it comes to educating children about depression and how one needs to cope. Building on the effectiveness of the books examined, my project, Talk to Someone is written without the faults of the others. Talk to Someone consists of three separate stories with characters that experience real symptoms of depression. In each story, the child gains the power to talk to a trusted adult about their feelings. Within each book, a moral is emphasized to encourage child audience members to do the same when they experience similar feelings to the characters in the stories.

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Fall 2017


Ilona Szekely

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