Despite the separation of church and state, I sought out to find how Religion fits into the secular school system, particularly in the middle schools and high schools. Knowing there has been a constant battle between religion in schools, I recognized that there was a connection between the school system and religion. One of the most effective parts of schools are the teachers. Everyday they are in the presence of their students, they have some effect on their students in a positive way or a negative way. Through many comparisons of schools, teacher characteristics, religious documents, religious figures, and constitutional documents, I drew a connection between religion in schools. The state may be able to take religion out of schools, but you cannot take religion out of an individual. A religious person is affected by their religion down to the core and their life is changed by it. They work differently in the work place, and they treat their students with a different respect. They recognize their calling to be a teacher, and do whatever it is in their power to become the most effective teacher they can be. As long as there are religious teachers in schools, there will continue to be religion in schools, affecting the lives of the students that walk into the classroom each and every day.

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Spring 2012


David Eakin

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Biological Sciences

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