The drug epidemic in the United States is a growing and prevalent issue in today’s society. Every day, the demographics of people influenced by drugs and alcohol increase. Unfortunately, a huge part of the problem stems from prenatal exposure to toxic chemicals that can result in health issues, developmental delays, stunted mental growth, and continued addiction habits later in life. Understanding the issue, addressing it, and creating treatment plans to end it is the main focus of this research. My plans include exploring how far this issue spreads in the United States, knowing how many people it is influencing, and analyzing the benefits of Recreational Therapy on the population. Resources for this research extend through scholarly research. Exploring the drug epidemic in the United States is daunting, but it is taking steps toward stopping prenatal exposure to drugs and other dangerous chemicals that negatively influence babies and their development. Eradicating the issue is the ideal outcome and research will continue on how to give children effected by this issue the brightest and most successful future as possible.

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Spring 5-9-2019


Michelle Davis Gerken

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Recreation and Parks Administration

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Recreation and Park Administration