Through the use of the secondary data collection methods of existing literature and research about the topic, this research project explores the increase of human trafficking reports in the Midwest region compared to other U.S. regions, and touches on the effects that this increase has on the victims, the region, and national security. Additionally, the concerns for these causes and effects will be briefly examined, and the implications for policy, practice, future research, and victim care moving forward will be discussed. The variables of the Midwest being a known human trafficking distribution hub; the increase of human trafficking recruitment on social media; the location of lodging sites in the Midwest; and the high number of major roads, highways, and interstates contribute to the increase of human trafficking in this region. The research question guiding this project is: “Why is human trafficking becoming more prominent in the American Midwest than other regions, and what are the direct concerns and effects that this increase causes?” As citizens from the Midwest have noticed and felt the effects of the increase of human trafficking in this region, it is important to examine the factors that led to this increase and contribute to it to combat human trafficking and, hopefully, eradicate it in the future.

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Spring 5-10-2019


Joanne McGlown

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Safety, Security, and Emergency Management

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Safety, Security, and Emergency Management