This thesis explored the influences of the coronavirus pandemic on artwork, both on an individual level and on an international level. Additionally, the researcher investigated famous works of art during other eras of widespread disease, such as the Black Plague, Spanish Influenza, and the AIDS epidemic, and compared these findings to the modern pieces. To evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on an individual and non-professional level, interviews were conducted with ten diverse artists and the author combined 25 poems into a collection. With all of these examples to pull from, it could be seen that while art styles have evolved over time and the subjects have shifted, many themes remain present in artwork around the world. For example, time periods defined by disease often contain artwork that centers around change. While the depiction of change might range from a positive perspective to a more negative, fearful tone, artists of all eras have attempted to explore the chaos of their lifetime. The mediums that people utilize have changed, most work during the pandemic years (2019 to now) being done through graphic design and poetry spread through online platforms. In earlier time periods, most artwork consisted of paintings and murals and classical music. With this in mind, this juxtaposition between eras allows people to see how art is impacted by widespread disease.

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Spring 2022


Julie Hensley

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English and Theatre

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