Film criticism is in many ways becoming a dying craft. The rise of amateur Internet bloggers has led to a diluting of standards and quality, and many publications are even cutting critics from their staff. However, film criticism still is as important as ever and holds great cultural and societal worth and power. With a greater focus on writing thought-provoking, meaningful reviews that contribute to the conversation surrounding film, long form film criticism will survive the transition to the Internet and thrive once again. In a collection of 25 movie reviews, I set out to write by principles and guidelines I’ve learned by studying many famous critics, including three Pulitzer Prize winners, Roger Ebert, Joe Morgenstern, and Wesley Morris. I also set out to hone and develop my own voice and writing style that would help me stand out from the pack of critics and bloggers out there.

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Spring 2013


Lisa B. Day

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English and Theatre

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