The presence of women in the business field is evolving and becoming more prevalent taking away the notion that the business field is solely male-dominated. Women are starting to be successful and break the glass ceilings that once held them down all while bringing a unique contribution that men could never bring to the table. This thesis examines the common stereotypes women face within the business field such as the woman being the assistant, wage gaps, the glass ceiling effect, and unequal employment opportunities. Some key questions this thesis aims to answer include whether the stereotypes are being broken, whether new stereotypes are forming, if there will ever be a time when women can be viewed as just as capable as men in the business world, and what can be done to bring about change. The creative aspect of this thesis includes a photography expose portraying the common stereotypes women face as well as interviews with two successful business women from Kentucky. The conclusion was made that it is seemingly well known that the business field is male-dominated and has been for many years going all the way back to the origins of society, however women are coming into the business field and breaking the stereotypes and glass ceilings placed before them and becoming greatly successful.

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Fall 11-28-2022


Lee Allison

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