Given the current state of the economy and Americans’ “workaholic” culture, it is not unreasonable for Kentuckians to be stressed in the workplace. Is it true that Kentuckians are stressed and dissatisfied with their jobs, or are workers simply pessimistic? The purpose of this study is to determine the satisfaction of Kentuckians with their current jobs, characteristics of their job which may impact satisfaction, and explore solutions to create healthier relationships between workers and their jobs. An online survey was distributed to Kentuckian workers aged 18 and older via social media and flyers posted on Eastern Kentucky University’s campus. Results revealed that while overall health and job satisfaction were of reasonable ratings, respondents (n=96) reported that their jobs are very mentally demanding. Additionally, respondents were divided on satisfaction with their job’s physical environment and income. Respondents provided conflicting answers when asked if they would change their present type of work for something different. Further research should evaluate why respondents reported jobs that are very mentally demanding.

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Fall 2023


Laurel M. Schwartz

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Health Promotion and Administration

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Health Promotion and Administration

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