For fulfillment of the HON 420 thesis project, I opted to create a creative project. This creative project was a science fiction short story titled “Moth,” which focused on the android Atlas as they struggle to come to terms with becoming more human as the plot progresses. To create this story, I looked into science fiction scholarship and four primary sources which I considered to be ‘classic’ science fiction and serve as my mentor texts. This process statement describes and explains what research I did for “Moth,” why I did that research, and how I came to create my short story. “Moth” exists as a science fiction piece to express contemporary sentiments on gender identity, hybridity, and diversity, and the research done to get to that point included looking at scholarship which analyzes robots in literature and diversity in science fiction, such as Alexis Lothian’s book on queer science fiction.

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Spring 2023


Dr. Anne Gossage

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