Recent coaching employment of Becky Hammon in the NBA inspires the discussion of the potential of witnessing the first female head coach hired in men’s professional basketball. This study investigates how women were perceived as head coaching candidates in a male dominant sport based on 132 student-athletes’ responses (70 males and 62 females). An exploratory factor analysis was performed to address four areas of responses: (1) participants’ belief in female coaches’ competency, (2) disadvantages and stereotypes faced by the females, (3) the traditional dominant thoughts, (4) preference toward female coaches, and (5) female coaches’ unique traits and strengths. Generally, the respondents moderately agree that females have the adequate abilities as male coaches do; however, they still don’t feel comfortable about having a female as their head coach. In agreement with several findings, the research found that male athletes are more likely to show disrespect toward females and question their desire.

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